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How do team discounts work?

  • If your team orders 8 or more items, all items are then discounted. Discounted prices are in BLUE.
  • If your team orders 12 or more items, all items are discounted and you’ll receive a free team banner.
  • Orders are ready same or next day

Do 8 different parents need to buy to get the discount?

  • No, each item counts as 1.
  • Example: A parent buys a team and a player poster, this order counts as 2 items.

Do we all have to pay together to receive the team discount?

  • No, each parent can paid separately. Please keep in mind, before anyone receives their order, everyone most complete their payment.

When do we need to turn in the group order forms?

  • PLEASE ASAP! The very latest, before the start of your last game. You still might have to wait if there is multiple teams turning in at the end.

What if I want to order multiple items? How do I list them on the order form?

  • You will order each item on separate lines. Please put the jersey number even if you are only ordering a team poster, this help us know who the items go to.

I paid and my item is ready for pick up, but not everyone on my team has paid for their items, can I just pick up my order?

  • No, to receive the discounted price, all orders must be paid for before anyone can pick up.

I have a player on a different team, can I add them to my other players order form to help get a team discount?

  • No, team order forms are for their team and players only.

We ordered enough to get a free team banner, how long will it take to receive it?

Up to 2 weeks. Please see CLICK HERE for banner details.

Do you offer digital files?

  • Yes, player digital files are $5 but you must purchase a physical copy of a player item.
  • $50 player digital files without purchase of a physical copy of a player item.
  • $150 team poster digital files.

What if the booth runs out of frames?

  • This is possible, we encourage you to turn in and PAY for orders asap. We will NOT hold frames for unpaid for items.

Do you offer shipping?

  • Yes, but not all items and discounts are available to ship. Please order at the event if possible.

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • Cash, Cards, or Cash App

Can I get a refund if my team does the team order discount?

  • Yes, but we will not refund you automatically. Please show your receipt to the UTP booth for them to process your refund. Refunds are only given after the rest of the team has paid.

What if I don’t want to wait for my team to place an order?

  • You can place your order right at any UTP booth.

I got our sample photos, but the cut out isn’t right, is this how its going to look when I place the order?

  • No, we review all photos before orders are printed. The sample photos are the raw version of the cutout. Please point out specific areas to a UTP team member that you would like to see fixed.

What if i would like my players photo retaken?

  • Please bring your player to the booth with a glove and we will retake and show you the photo for your approval.

What if I want the team photo retaken in a different uniform?

  • Please inform the UTP Booth when your team is ready for photo to be retaken, we will go to your team. Or you can bring them to the booth.

Still have questions?

  • TEXT JULIE: 844-606-3487