The UTP Difference

We've paid over $1,000,000 to directors in the form of rebates, award banners, and more!!

  • Product Booklet

    A product catalog that can change your business overnight. Learn what products we can bring to your company that will make your product offering, awards, website needs and more even better!

  • Our Setup

    We like to think our setups have "Curb Appeal". When you have an event, the last thing you want is a customer thinking your event is more like a flea-market than a first class event. Our setups are beautiful and efficient. At the end of the day, we simply want to enhance your event.

  • Director Testimonials

    Feel free to hear what other directors have to say about us. Each testimonial is a video helping you understand what it is like to work with us. Our relationship with directors is the foundation that our company is built on, and we don't take it lightly.

  • Posters

    We offer team and individual posters. All Posters are printed and framed on site. Our posters will have parents thinking about your event long after the weekend has concluded! Our entire process is a first class experience that will make your event look even better than it already is!

  • Banners

    Custom Team Banners help a team display its pride, as well as its sponsors. These are so popular, we have teams that play in specific events because they know we will be there, and they want a banner at the beginning of the season!

  • Award Banners

    Just how cool are our award banners? Click the "View Samples" button below and see for yourself. These are banners that have character, and help brand your event. They're so awesome, that teams actually want to to hang these up in their facility or rink!

  • Event Logos

    We have the most talented event logo designers in the market today. A first class logo sets the stage for your event. It also increases apparel sales, and looks incredible on award banners. We can help your event stand out from day 1.