UTP Manager Application

UTP Manager Application

Thank you for being interested in becoming our new UTP Location Manager! Please complete the form below to continue moving forward in joining UTP.

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    Job Survey

    Below is a series of questions for you to answer on a scale between 1-5. 1 being strongly disagree, 5 being strongly agree.
    1. I’m willing to travel a 4 hour radius if needed for an event.*
    2. I’m willing to travel 80-100% of the time for an event 1-2 hours radius .*
    3. I’m willing to work 3-4 weekends a month, all day Saturday and Sunday.*
    4. I’m able to a lift 50lbs box and move it the distance of a semi truck at least 20 times.*
    5. I’m willing to pick up supplies 45 mins from my home during the week if needed (1-2 times a month.)*
    6. I’m willing to event prep during the week 3-4 hours.*
    7. I’m able to attend weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 10am CT.*
    8. I’m able to attend weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 3pm CT*
    9. I’m willing to watch recorded meetings if I’m unable to make weekly meetings.*
    10. I’m willing and able to rent a vehicle if needed. (21+)*
    11. I’m willing to work 10-15 hour days both Saturday and Sunday.*
    12. I can self-motivate and keep myself going during long days.*
    13. I can walk 5-10 miles each working day with little breaks.*
    14. I can take a knee and get back up 50+ times in an hour.*
    15. I can and regularly print from a computer.*
    16. I know and can demonstrate basic Excel knowledge.*
    17. I know how to connect devices to Wifi.*
    18. I have attended several zoom meetings.*
    19. I can type on a computer keyboard proficiency.*
    20. I know how to make folders on a computer desktop.*
    21. I know how and can demonstrate how to rename a file on a computer.*
    22. I know how to and can demonstrate move files to a computer desktop from an outside source (download, SD card, USB drive.)*
    23. I'm confident I can look at a color and select a very similar color using a color slider on a computer.*
    24. I am a quick learner when it comes to computer systems.*
    25. I feel comfortable leading a team of people I just met.*
    26. I feel confident I could sell ice to an Eskimo.*
    27. Working outside in all weather conditions doesn’t bother me.*
    28. I enjoy working with kids.*
    29. I’m confident I can talk to a coach and convince them to take a team photo.*
    30. I thrive in a fast pace environment.*
    31. I have experience training others in a fast pace environment.*
    32. I am a positive person and I can keep my team motivated.*
    32. I am a positive person and I can keep my team motivated.*
    33. I don’t easily get annoyed when plans change last minute.*
    34. I have basic knowledge how a sports tournament works.*
    35. I’m smart, intellectual and business savvy.*
    36. I’m driven to succeed; and passionate about my work.*
    37. Others trust me and my decisions.*
    38. I enjoy working around high performers.*
    39. I consider myself as a high performer.*
    40. I’m adaptable and can adjust to many different personalities.*
    41. I consider myself a hard working and will do what it takes to get the job done.*
    42. I’m resourceful and overcome obstacles through problem solving.*
    43. I lead by example, I tend to work harder than my subordnates.*
    44. I’m down-to-earth, well-grounded, self-aware, humble.*
    45. I have hired employees before.*
    46. I'll have no issue finding people to work with me at events.*
    47. I regularly set goals for myself and achieve them.*
    48. I continue to learn and grow by reading books on business and management.*
    49. I enjoy the idea of only "working" 2-3 days per week with UTP.*
    50. I am willing to setup reference calls with current former employers.*