3rd Interview Questions

To better prepare you for your upcoming interview with UTP, we have listed out the requirements to complete the final interview stages.

  1. The person you plan on working events with MUST join the call with camera and audio.
  2. Both must have a 5 minute presentation each on how the UTP Core Values are aligned and true to you. This should include real life examples and experiences.
  3. 10 minute Q&A – we will be following up with wrap-up questions that aline with the position. Some of the questions may include;
    1. What travel radius are you comfortable traveling?
    2. Are you willing to share a room together or will you require 2 separate rooms when traveling?
    3. What model phones do you own? Are there any cracks/broken screens?
    4. Do you own a laptop? What brand/model?
    5. Do you have a valid drivers licenses?
    6. We perform a background check during the onboarding process, is there anything we should be made aware of?
    7. Do you foresee any obstacles that would prevent you from working 10-13+ hours on your feet?
    8. Are you willing and able to lift 50+ lbs printer/frame boxes?
    9. If you were a parent, how likely would you be to spend $80+ on our products?

UTP Mission Statement

We create custom products that provide a truly memorable experience for youth sporting events worldwide.

UTP Vision Statement

Brand: To partner with 500,000 sporting events globally. 

Revenue: $100 Million Annual Revenue 

People: To create long-term, lifestyle career paths that fit individual personal, professional, and financial goals.

Core Values

Ownership – We take immense pride in our work. We wholeheartedly accept responsibility for our actions and commitments, never shifting blame when faced with challenges or shortcomings.

Competitive Drive – Just like the sports teams we serve, we foster a relentless competitive spirit within ourselves, continuously striving to surpass our previous accomplishments and become better versions of ourselves each day.

Resilience – We confront and conquer adversity head-on, determined in our pursuit of the goals we have set for both UTP and ourselves.

Discipline – We recognize that true freedom is earned, and is derived from a high level of discipline. Everyone wants freedom, whether it be of time, financial, or physical. At UTP we understand those freedoms are matched to the disciplines we put in place.

Open and Transparent Communication – We acknowledge that we are part of a larger collective with a shared mission. Therefore, effective communication is vital to ensure that we all stay aligned to our greater mission.

Passion – We harbor a profound love for what we do and enthusiastically champion our company and every individual who contributes to UTP’s success.